We are Briefar.

We don’t just develop teamwork,
we grow pure excitement.

We are a dedicated team that develops actions that translate into stronger, better communicating and more engaged Organization. We guaranteed more focused, cohesive and resilient teams to accomplish the business challenges.


We believe that in an environment of open sharing, availability and dedication we build trust with our clients and consequently more agile, efficient work processes and better delivery.

1. Creativity

To Briefar, creativity, goes far beyond the concept itself. For us, it is a state of alertness for all that can be a source of inspiration and that allows us to surprise and surpass us! However, we are well aware that as Thomas Edison said: 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

2. Dedication

We dedicate ourselves! That’s the truth. For us, each project is seen as a newborn, which must be cared for and stimulated to grow, in a healthy, sustainable and ambitious way that is striking, innovative, transformative and that creates a positive impact.

3. Resilience

It is our resilience and sense of mission that will not let us give up the first no, or the first setback, because we know there is always a solution and if there is not yet, we will do our best to create it.

4. Detail Oriented

For Briefar, every detail counts, however small it may seem, and has an impact on what we deliver to our clients. We want to ensure excellence and efficiency in the projects developed and only with a high critical sense, detail oriented and a good analytical capacity we comply with this premise.

Client Focus

Our focus on the client, critical sense and in-depth knowledge of the different organizational contexts give us the confidence we have reached and we will do everything to deliver the best proposal, achieve the most outstanding action and keep in the heart of the team a sense of belonging and commitment with organization.

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